Our Services

Wood Street Autos offer vehicle servicing & repairs at our garage, as well as MOTs. Please call 07795 535630 or visit our contact us page for a free quotation.


Major Service  £175*

  • Includes: Oil, fuel, pollen & air filter change, oil & spark plugs, coolant & brake fluid change and a full visual inspection

Full Service  £130*

  • Includes: Oil, fuel & air filter change and a full visual inspection

Minor Service  £80*

  • Includes: Oil & Filter change and a full visual inspection

MOT  £50

  • Collection can be arranged**


Vehicle Diagnostic Check  £40*


Air Conditioning Service/Regas  £70*


Vehicle Remap  From £150*


  • Collection can be arranged on all services**


Book your vehicle in to our garage now by calling 07795 535630 or visit our contact us page.


*Prices may vary on vehicle make and model

** Subject to availability

ECU Remapping, EGR, DPF Solutions

Our remap files are custom hand tuned to your vehicle We take a copy of your vehicle’s original file, then we tune from there. So there is no fear of loading a generic file with slightly different software, which in turn could damage your ECU.

Benefits of Remapping your Vehicle

If you are looking for more power and/or economy from your vehicle, a remap could be the answer.
The remap will alter the settings on how the engine performs, in order to improve performance and economy. This is made possible by altering the parameters in the ECU which controls the ignition timing, air/fuel mixture and (on turbo cars/vans) boost pressure.
A typical turbo diesel car/van can see gains of 10%+ on MPG and up to 30% on BHP and torque.
Prices dependent on vehicle – starting at £150

Blue Chem Clear Flow Intake System Cleaner

We have invested in the blue chem air intake cleaner and fuel system cleaner system. With this tool, we can use the German chemicals which clean and maintain your engine internals. The blue chem system cleans injector valves and nozzles, turbo veins, EGR’s and inlet manifolds which get coked up with carbon. The chemicals break down the carbon which then allows your vehicle to perform and operate as it was intended.

– Fuel System Clean – £60*
– Fuel System Clean/EGR with DPF Filter – £75*

Using this service can extend the life of the major components of your vehicle which allows it to operate. Such as, EGR’s (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Valves), fuel injectors and with the optional DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) cleaner the DPF life will be extended as this will prevent the build-up of soot and particulates blocking the filter.

Now offering Blue Chem Air Intake Cleaner and Fuel System Cleaner which offers the following benefits:

  • Cleaner and more powerful combustion
  • Significantly less fuel consumption
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Increases the lifetime of catalytic convertor and DFF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
  • Limit the amount of smoke and soot from the exhaust
  • Free sticky turbo veins
  • Clean EGR Valve, Cat, Injectors and nozzles
  • Cleans turbos and inlet